Why does evian want to make bottles from 100-percent recycled plastic?

Plastic today go into everything from advanced medical devices to water bottles. This light and versatile material has great properties, enabling to protect food safely, to transport and store products. However platic also presents a number of challenges, using valuable ressources in its conception and generating waste when not recycled. 

Building on its long-standing focus on sustainability; evian has announced its ambition to become a 100% circular brand by 2025. In other words, evian plans to use 100% recycled plastic bottles. 

How is evian going to reach this ambitious goal? The brand exploring a couple of options, including working with Loop Industries, a Montreal startup that has developed a chemical process that turns used plastic into new plastic.

This is just a start. As well as evian, Danone’s Research & Innovation team is working to make bottles for all of its products fully recyclable. The effort is another example of the circular economy, which aims to cut waste by making new products from old ones.

Read through our infographic to learn what Danone is doing to completely reinvent plastic so that this time it truly is a material of the future.